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Amen Choir finishes second CD, “Dufise Ivyizigiro”

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Amen Choir

Amen Choir finishes second CD at Euphonic Studio

Amen Choir finishes second CD at Euphonic Studio

The Amen Choir’s second CD is now available by contacting the group.  They are selling the CD at their live performances.

It’s name in Kerundi, “Dufise Ivyizigiro“, means “We Have Hope” in English.

The Amen Choir consists of refugees from Burundi, a tiny African nation between Rwanda and Tanzania.  There has been a long history of ethnic tensions in that region between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes.  During the Rwandan genocide, over 300,000 Burundians died because of the violence.  However, many Burundians fled for their lives through Tanzania and eventually to the United States.

Their dedication to each other, their Christian faith, and their music has been an inspiration to us as they have worked through 2 CD projects over the last 4 years.  Their first project, Long Story, is available at CD Baby at the following link:

The seven song CD took 2 years to complete, and it’s finally here!  The music is wonderful! Here’s one of my favorite cuts from Dufise Ivyizigiro.  Enjoy!

Atcha Kulia

Written by Bill Niemi

February 13th, 2018 at 3:55 pm

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