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Emma Garwood

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Emma Garwood

Emma Garwood, an extraordinary soprano talent who has recorded at Euphonic Studio

Emma Garwood is a former Euphonic Studio guitar student who is an extremely talented Mount Vernon musician and vocalist.  How we are blessed with so much talent in this part of the world is a sweet mystery to me.  Her primary instrument is her voice, although she plays some piano and has been working on guitar now and then.

Emma has an extremely powerful voice with excellent pitch and diction.  In other words, she’s got the chops to do classical repertoire and the charisma to do opera if that’s in her plans.  It’s obvious that she has had very good instruction and has worked hard to develop her voice.  She has spent some time at Interlochen Center for the Arts for the last 2 summers.

What that means to me is that it’s extremely easy to work with Emma because she has been trained to be professional.  She comes in, knows what she wants, knows how to perform it, and does the work.  I suspect that she could have a career in pop singing if she were so inclined, too.

So far Emma has only done one song here, a parody of ABBA’s Money, Money, Money that was a collaborative effort on the lyrics.  The occasion was a retirement party for an unsuspecting grandfather (good thing I’m never retiring).  I was not familiar with the song before she brought it in but we have it on LP.  I listened to it and the backing track was faithfully reproduced.  The lyrics that Emma et. al. came up with are very funny, even though they are for a specific situation.  I’ll let you sort that out for yourself.

Money Money Money


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June 29th, 2011 at 4:57 pm

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