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David R. Weiss

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David R Weiss

David R. Weiss, author, lyricist, poet, speaker, and theologian who is the creator of the book and CD “To the Tune of a Welcoming God”.

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David R. Weiss is a poet, philosopher, activist, lecturer, author, professor, father, and domestic abuse survivor.  His compassion for others is expressed in the moving poetry he wrote to be sung to these songs.

This project came to Euphonic Studio through my connection with Sara Kay Klosterboer, whose CD “Sara Kay On The Way” I mastered in the summer of 2010.  Her father, pastor Jim Klosterboer, is a musician and activist in LGBT rights, or as I like to say, civil rights for all. Well, I think Jim is just a champion for the underdogs and for justice.  David’s outreach to encourage churches to become more inclusive came into Jim’s awareness, and David and Jim conceived the idea of including a music CD with David’s book, To the Tune of a Welcoming God. The music would be a group of songs that can be used in worship services as an alternative to some of the traditional songs.  They are designed to create a more inclusive mindset in the church service, where all people are welcome regardless of sexual orientation.

At the risk of mixing politics and business, I will make the following statement:  I believe and have believed for many years that persons in the LGBT community should have the same civil rights as everyone else, including the right to choose your own spouse.  There wasn’t any particular event that caused me to reach this position.  Since then I have done what I can, mostly through donations to Human Rights Campaign, practicing and advocating equality,  and voting to try to support that view.

Back to the project.  David provided a list of songs and the poetry to be sung with them.  Jim and Sara Kay worked up the tunes to a place where they were ready to be recorded, and we finally got underway recording them.

The recording sessions were exhilarating.  Jim is a terrific pianist and he loved the Mason & Hamlin grand.  Sara Kay has a beautiful voice and she really let it shine through on this project; partly because she is a great artist and also because she is dedicated to LGBT equality as David, her father, and I am.  She also played piano on a couple of these songs, as did her brother, who recorded one in his studio and sent it along via email.

David has given me permission to share a few songs with you, so I am going to put up my favorites of the CD.  His lyrics bring a powerful and relevant message of inclusion to churches and to the general public.

There are links at the top of this page to buy the book, the CD, or a download.   Meanwhile, enjoy these lovely songs!

The Place Where Advent Starts

Preserve Uganda’s Future Hope

Hearts on Fire

Behold I Gather All to Me

Word of Welcome

We Are Your Soil

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