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Chase Garrett

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Iowa’s King of Boogie Woogie

Chase Garrett, Iowa's boogie woogie king

Chase Garrett, Iowa’s boogie woogie king

Chase Garrett is a piano wizard who loves to play boogie woogie (I am referring to the actual music form devised in the 1930s or so.)  This is not the total range of his playing; he is proficient at jazz I would imagine he plays some classical although I haven’t heard him do that as of yet.  Frankly, he can play anything he sets his mind to play because he has talent and drive.  He did two sessions here and I had an absolute blast both times.

UPDATE:  Chase has made a gigantic splash in the world of blues and boogie piano.  You can check out his successes on his Facebook page!

Here are some samples of Chase’s work when he was just a kid that I was lucky enough to record!  Amazing!

Hootie Blues


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July 18th, 2011 at 7:46 am

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