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Doralyn Bigelow

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Doralyn Bigelow is a former resident of Mechanicsville just down the road from Mt. Vernon.  She is a former string teacher in public schools, and decided to strike out on her own and start teaching privately.  At one time she had studios in Mt. Vernon, Mechanicsville, and Tipton, which made for a lot of difficult driving for her in the winter months.  But she hung in there, often driving to her remote teaching site even when her students couldn’t make it.

I am proud to consider Doralyn a colleague.  We have known each other for years, and she has a beautiful voice (I was actually astounded by it more than once because she has such a range).  She is an excellent violinist.  She brings a very high energy level to each lesson.  I was fortunate enough to have Doralyn stop by and coach my granddaughter through a couple of difficult songs in “High School Musical”.  Thanks for that!

This is a song that I recorded on piano for Doralyn several years ago, burned to CD, and she used the CD as a backing track for a Memorial Day service somewhere.  I always liked the song, and just before she moved away from the area I talked her into coming in and doing this video.


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May 23rd, 2012 at 12:14 pm

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