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Mirror Coat

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Mirror Coat performing at a festival in Iowa City. They will be in the studio on April 18.

Mirror Coat performing at a festival in Iowa City.

Mirror Coat is an indy-prog rock band from Iowa City that has a lot of drive and some great music. Each member excels at what they bring to the band, and the group works very hard as a team. The sessions for their demo/EP went very smoothly. They tend towards the perfectionist end of the scale. The band came in very well rehearsed, which was a time saver and allowed them to use additional time to let some of their creative ideas to be incorporated into the songs.

Mirror Coat consists of members Scott Myers, guitar and vocals, Scott Hanson, bass and vocals, and two brothers, Nick (guitar and vocals), and Alex (drums) Lovelace. The two Scotts also double on keyboards, so there are a few keyboard licks thrown in here and there. Listen for the Hammond organ in “City Pool”… it’s awesome and a perfect example of why recording of Hammond-like patches on synthesizers doesn’t even come close.

I have known Scott Myers for a number of years… since 2009, perhaps. He took guitar lessons from me when he was in high school and now is a grad student at the U of I (music major, vocal). Somewhere around here I have a recording of Scott singing. I keep threatening to find it…

These sessions with Mirror Coat were very satisfying to all of us. I think the music speaks for itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



City Pool



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June 17th, 2013 at 9:05 am

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