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Catherine McAuley Center

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Brianna Schwenk and Lyndsey Reis, pianist and vocalist for the Catherine McAuley Center's webpage song, "Feels Like Home" originally by Randy Newman

Brianna Schwenk and Lyndsey Reis, pianist and vocalist for the Catherine McAuley Center’s webpage song, “Feels Like Home” originally by Randy Newman

In early October, 2012, we got a phone call from the Catherine McAuley Center’s Brianna Schwenk, the Volunteer Coordinator for the Catherine McAuley Center in Cedar Rapids.  The Catherine McAuley Center is an adult basic education agency as well as as providing transitional housing for homeless women.  Brianna wanted to know when she could arrange a session for a vocal and piano recording.  The Catherine McAuley Center has received a grant for a new website and they wanted to have a song that would play automatically when certain pages were loaded.

We set up a session in October that had to be rescheduled for November.  Brianna is the pianist, and the singer is Lyndsey Reis, a senior at Mount Mercy in the nursing program.  She had worked up this song for a performance at a Catherine McAuley Center fundraiser at Mercy Hospital and actually left her training duty to perform the song in her scrubs.

I think that the slight rewrite of the lyric in this song makes it perfect for the Catherine McAuley Center’s mission and these two friends did a wonderful job on the recording.  BTW, they are both from Coon Rapids, Iowa, (a place that I didn’t know existed) where you can get the best burger ever.  Brianna is a graduate of St. Olaf College in Minnesota with a degree in music.

Feels Like Home

Written by Bill Niemi

January 5th, 2013 at 4:13 pm

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