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New video release… “Oh Babylon”

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Oh Babylon

We cannot aspire to greatness without a moral compass

Oh Babylon

Euphonic Studio announces the release of our new video, Oh Babylon, written and sung by Joe Baumhover.

The lyrics reflect Joe’s view of the current state of world affairs, in which he sees a lot of parallels with ancient Babylon.   The release of this song and video was timed to just precede our national election, which left our country in a hot mess.  Joe is not a political person, he is commenting much more from a religious viewpoint.  My thoughts are that the pig-headedness that brought down Babylon is alive and well in our own nation, right now.


Please enjoy and share.  Euphonic Studio does not monetize our videos on YouTube.  You can watch Oh Babylon and all our videos without commercials.

Written by Bill Niemi

October 9th, 2016 at 4:11 pm

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