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David R. Weiss’ Songs Brought to LIfe at Euphonic Studio

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I’ve remarked many times over the last 30 years how fortunate that I’ve been with the projects and people who have been attracted to Euphonic Studio.  From the very first demos I did for friends and students through the bands, spoken word, singer-songwriters, college students, and other folks, we’ve had a great group of people.

David R Weiss

David R. Weiss, author, lyricist, poet, speaker, and theologian who is the creator of the book and CD “To the Tune of a Welcoming God”.

To this assembly we now add poet, writer, theologian, and speaker David R. Weiss, who has written the lyrical text  for the CD project now underway called “Tune of a Welcoming God”.  David created the words to “help us fashion a church that reflects God’s longing for welcome and God’s passion for justice.”

The lyrics are written over familiar melodies, mostly from hymnals but also touching the world of popular music and Christmas songs.  The themes deal with contemporary social problems and are frequently on the cutting edge of our new battleground, namely LGBT rights.  Other topics include the hate spewed from so many pulpits, the cruelty of poverty in a land of plenty, and our corrupted government and the wars it chooses to fight.

The music is being performed by Sara Klosterboer,  her father Jim Klosterboer, and her brother (via email) whose name I don’t have (David, possibly?).  The recording sessions have been a joy, with hard work, good fun, and amazing talent coming together for a wonderful melding of gifts… music, message, comradery, and finally, the sound we chased.

David R. Weiss is also the author of the book To the Tune of a Welcoming God.  If you follow the link just before, this will take you to a description of the book.  It will also take you to a link on how to buy the book, which I just gave you.  You may also contact David if you are interested in having him speak at your school, church, or event.   For a wealth of information about David R. Weiss, his writings, and speaking tours, please visit his website directly at

I am in the process now of mixing the 16 songs that will be on the CD that accompanies the book.  I consider it a great honor to be part of this project, and I hope that our presentation of David’s music will be a useful and well-received asset to the book.


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July 9th, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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