Euphonic Studio Rates

Euphonic  Studio Rates

Euphonic Studio
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Serving the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor
Call 319.895.8002 for a tour or recording appointment or write
We record all types of music and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Please note: the entire indoor area of our buildings are non-smoking areas.


Euphonic Studio bills extended projects on a monthly cycle. We will appreciate and expect all fees to be paid in that cycle unless we have a prior arrangement.  Single day projects are due upon completion.

Euphonic Studio Rates


Please note:  you don’t need to buy tape for mixing unless you have chosen to have your project mixed in analog.  We mix both “in the box” and “out of the box”.

Recording time (1 hour minimum) -$45/hour

Mixing, including rough mixes, working mixes, etc – $45/hour 

Mastering – $45/hour

Setup – $30/hour, this may be waived at my discretion and usually will be for simple setups


When you choose a place to record there is a cost/hour factor that should be considered, but that number is only part of the decision.  Recording software has become so inexpensive (even FREE in some cases) that home studios pop up all over the place.  If you buy a Mac laptop it comes with Garage Band which can create passable recordings.  You can record with Audacity, a very handy utility I’ve used for various tasks.

But the end product is much more than a few .wav files on a CD.  The end product is your attempt to make an artistic statement using music which should reflect the best effort you can put forward.  Anything else will be a CD with flaws in it that you will ALWAYS feel obliged to explain to each new listener.  Trust me on this, I have drawers full of  early 4 track tapes that have imperfections that make me cringe due to the limitations of the media. (See, I just made an excuse right there).

I want you to leave Euphonic Studio with a recording that we can both be proud of.  You can say that you chose the best audio room, the best microphones and mixers, the best software, the most comfortable environment, the best keyboards, and that your engineer knew how to record you in an efficient and friendly manner that helped you concentrate on the artistic aspects of what you were doing.

If you can say that, you will have a recording you can play for people without making excuses or explanations.  That is what separates the artists from the rest, and that is what I strive for with my own playing, my teaching studio, and my recording studio.

The #1 Question I get asked: How much is it going to cost?

There are 3 answers to this question.  Here are the first two: less than you think and probably less than anywhere else.  I will give the 3rd answer (more specific) below.

Fee Schedule – 2019

Tour of the Euphonic Studio and Sample of Our Processes: FREE.  This is where you come and visit our facility, inspect our recordings and processes, and most important, we spend some time getting to know each other.  If I were a customer, I would never book a session unless the studio was willing to take the time to come in for a look.  This is a free service that is worth real $ because it gets all that nervous getting-to-know-ya stuff out of the way and you won’t get charged for it when you come in to record your first time.  I encourage everyone who is thinking about recording to visit us before booking your first date. You will love our low-pressure environment, and this is one way I help to create it.

Recording session setup: $30 per hour  This includes you bringing in any gear you might need for the session and also me setting up the mics and recording system to record it.  This may be waived at my discretion.  If you are a regular client and I know what the mic and recorder setup is going to be, I will probably not charge for this.  If you are going to sing or play to backing tracks there are no setup fees if you bring in your own backing tracks.

Recording (tracking): $45 per hour.  This is the time you spend in front of the mic or otherwise working in the studio.  Sometimes tasks overlap, so if we are doing more than one take of the song or section of the song, you may want to listen to see what it sounds like.  (Let me rephrase that: you WILL want to listen to it to compare it to previous takes).  If you have someone you can use in a producer role, that’s great.  That could be a voice coach, a close friend, a band member, or somebody you trust to encourage you and let you know when you can do better.  If you don’t have a person like that, you can do it yourself or you can ask me to do it.  I have produced a number of albums and I know what my software is capable of fixing, so those are other options.

Recording: $45 per hour.  Tracking is the part where I do everything I can to squeeze the best performance out of my equipment (and you)!

Mixing/Mastering: $45 per hour.  Euphonic Studio can master your project with a fine suite of hardware and software mastering tools including a late-70s Otari half track tape deck that makes a perfect target for your mixes.  If you prefer, we will also mix your project in the computer.    If you have me mix in the computer, you’ll get your mixes faster and less expensive.  If you have me mix with tape and analog gear, it will take longer to mix and the mix part will be more expensive.  Some people really like it.

When your project comes back into the digital world, I use Sony CD Architect to create your project and burn your pre-master to standards that are much, much better than Red Book.  Your CD pre-master will be presented in a sealed envelope.

So, how much is it going to cost, really?

Scrooge McDuck

This must be at the other guy’s studio.

As promised above, I will offer up an estimate based on previous experiences.  Your mileage may vary!  These are budgetary numbers, not a bid.

If you are coming in to do a singalong with a karaoke track, you have 0 hours setup, 1.5 hours per song singing/performing, and 1 hour mixing.  That would be the HIGH END, totaling 2.5 billable hours (2.5 * $45 = $112.50) for one song.  If you want to stick around for mixing (not a bad idea) you can leave here with a CD in your hand.

Now Offering Mastering Service

New this year… we are offering CD Mastering services.  We will mix analog to an Otari mastering deck and then digitize for the master.  We can create high-quality masters with error rates just a tiny fraction of Red Book standards.  I furnish a mastering report that shows the number of each error type for you to send along to your replication house.  My mastering service is not cheap, but nobody’s is because it takes time.  I can’t do every project, but I can tell you up front whether I can or can’t and I will refer you elsewhere if I cannot do your project. 

Euphonic Studio Recording Services… recordings you will love – guaranteed!

Call 319.895.8002 for information or email


Euphonic Studio
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Serving the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor
Call 319.895.8002 for a tour or recording appointment or write
We record all types of music and your satisfaction is guaranteed!


  1. Mathew Zobac

    can i set up a time to talk about recording?

    • Hi, Mathew,

      Please give us a call at 319.895.8002 and we can set up an appointment for a visit and/or chat on the phone.



  2. Maggie Sand

    I would love for my grandson to get to record a song he wrote. He plays piano with it. Would he need to bring a keyboard? Please let me know how I would schedule and ballpark price.

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