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OK… YouTube video link below… LOL

Thud Wexler was the drummer for the Twilight Blues Band and did a gig on drums for the Firehouse Band as well.  Thud was one of the mellowest people I met while in the Twin Cities, easy to know and easy to love.  He was one of the most precise if not THE most precise drummer I’ve ever had in the studio.  Billy Cobham comes to mind… or perhaps Mohammed Ali.  Oh, yes, he can drum, floats like a butterfly and stings like Sting.

Gino and Thud from TBB

Thud and Gino from the Twilight Blues Band taking a break between songs at a band practice. The band always wore shirts with the band name on them to help identify each other in case visitors became numerous, which they often did.

Unbeknownst to almost all of Thud’s huge following of friends, fans, groupies, and wannabe hangers-on,  but beknownst to me, Thud was also a deeply spiritual man who loved everything having to do with Norway.  I believe his mother may have been part Norwegian, or perhaps it was his collection of troll dolls.  At any rate, when Thud was not practicing his drums, (and he not practiced a lot), he would think about Norway and pine for the fjords like the parrot in the Monty Python sketch.

One afternoon, he came bursting through my studio door, in the dead of winter, and insisted on recording this song, “The Norske Folke”.  I happened to have my old Panasonic VHS video camera handy, so I set it up and told him to try to stay in front of the keyboard rack.  OH… almost forgot… Thud Wexler played the heck out of a Norske squeezebox, which I happened to have one at the time on loan from the Norwegian-American Good Humor Organization, (NAGHA), and was on my keyboard rack at the time.  So Thud, bless his heart, played the squeezebox solo and rapped this great song all in one take!

I hope you enjoy it… I was just happy when it was over so I could shut the windows.  It gets cold in Minneapolis in January.

–  Bill


I found a crumpled copy of the handwritten rap for this work so I interpreted it the best I can. This is what Thud was talking about.

The Norske Folke
Thud Wexler
Copyright 1990

Up in the land of the Midnight Sun
Up in the land where freezing is fun
You better listen buddy this ain’t no joke
We are the people called the Norske Folke

Sven and Ole and Lars and Thor
These are names that we’ve had before
Svenson and Oleson and Larson and Thorson
Good Norske names for everyone!


Lutefisk, smutefisk, pickerel stew
Whist and cribbage and Husker Du
Hude bude snorkefjord okey doke
We are the people called the Norske Folke

Danes to the south, Svedes to the east
Let’s have a fight and let’s have a feast
Shields and axes and horns on the hat
We’ll show them got dam Svedes where it’s at

Have another beer, are you drinkin’ your quota?
I’m going to send a case to my aunt in Minnesota
Lefsa for breakfast, lefsa for lunch
Can you stay for supper? We’re rolling up a bunch

Aasen gar det med du i dagen?
Bare bra, tak, go get your toboggan
Krumkake, krumkake, snakker du Norske?
Jeg tenker jeg vil ha a little piece of torsk!


Erikson Leif and Erik the Red
Bushy-bearded Vikings with horns on the head
Long wooden boats with dragons on the front
Pull on the oars with a groan and a grunt

Fish in the basket, fish in the sea,
Fish in the porridge for you and me
Fish in the cake, fish in the sink,
Oofda, oofda, oh what a stink!

Drinkin’ and freezin’, freezin’ and drinkin’
Walking through the woods, a-broodin’ and a thinkin’
Gonna go to town and find some women
Cut a hole in the ice and do some swimmin’

Fill up the glasses and shout a mighty “Skol!”
My little sister Lena was eaten by a troll
Odin, Shmodin, clunkin’ with the hammer
Scarin’ those Svedes with the thunder and clamor

The Norske way is to keep your composure
Even if you’re dying of exposure
Pines in the moutains, rocks in the fjord,
Don’t follow too close I’ve got a TORSK ON BOARD

chorus, fade


Euphonic Studio
Mount Vernon, Iowa
Serving the Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Corridor
Call 319.895.8002 for a tour or recording appointment or write
We record all types of music and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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