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Lisa Tracy

Lisa Tracy, prolific singer/songwriter

Lisa Tracy’s voice and guitar playing grace our studio every 2 weeks

3 thoughts on “Lisa Tracy

  1. I have loved Lisa Tracy since getting into the word in 1987. I have all her music including last cd emmaeus. want to know how to get new songs from her and kept updated

    1. Dear Rev. Bell,

      We love her here, too! Lisa and Mike are becoming like extended family.

      I don’t know if you are on Mike’s email list, but he sends out a song each week to his customers and others. Well, actually, I’m not sure who is on the list, but I’ll bet you could be. The material that Lisa is recording here is mostly in one of two categories: either it has never been recorded or she would like to have a version that is more “unplugged”. I have a copy of Emmaeus and some of her other songs and after listening to the quality of the studios and engineers she has been working with, I feel quite honored to have her working here.

      I will pass your email on to Mike and ask him to put you on his list. She has written so many songs that they feel they will keep me busy every other Friday for quite a while.

      On behalf of Lisa, thank you for your kind comments and also for finding Euphonic Studio’s recording website. I have several songs that have not been finished yet (by me) that will be going up on her page so please check back in a week or so.

      Best regards,

      Bill Niemi

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