Kaitlin Thune

Kaitlin is my favorite person that I’ve ever recorded with in the studio.  This is probably a natural outcome of being her grandfather and watching her grow up from age 4.

We’ve done a few songs together, and I just finished a music video of some footage we shot as part of a project to show how to make a music video.  Since today is her birthday, I thought it would be grand to get it up on the website and Vimeo so we could surprise her with it.

I also have a mix of a song she recorded 5 or 6 years ago that I’m putting up.  This is
“The Shoop Shoop Song” which I did as a fun activity for her when she was here for a winter break that year.

For more Kate songs you can check out the “High School Musical” page and I will also be adding more of the things she’s recorded here as time permits.


The Shoop Shoop Song




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