Derrick Patterson

Derrick Patterson

Derrick Patterson has now recorded six original songs here and we look forward to more of his work!

March 26, 2014 update:  3 new Mp3s below!

Derrick Patterson is an area musician/music scene veteran who came to Euphonic Studio after a Facebook chat joke turned into a project.  The suggestion was jokingly made that his song “Girl By the Fire” should be made into a video, and before long a plan was in place to get a project in motion.

With Kelly Gravel, video producer and owner of Darkest Before Dawn Productions (Lisbon, Iowa, 319-693-9232), at the helm, the first part of the video was to create the audio track for it.  So Derrick shopped around and chose Euphonic Studio for his recording (good choice, IMO).  He came in for the session with Kelly and photographer Dave Carpenter (DC Photography, Lisbon, IA, 319-693-9464), who shot stills of the recording session for promotional use.  The session went very well, and the song is available just below the text.

I should also mention that the videographer, Jonathan Guerrero, wasn’t able to make the recording session but was very busy during the video shoot.  The video is now in editing (they have 3 hours to sort through for a 3 minute song).

When Derrick came back for his second recording, I was pleased to meet his wife Kellie, who was the inspiration for the song “Not in My Wildest Dreams.”

We are looking forward to having Derrick back into the studio, and I will try to get a copy or at least a link to the video so you can enjoy the work of Kelly Gravel’s video production studio, too!

Blue Skies of Montana

Just Like I Prayed

She’s Where I Want to Be

Girl By the Fire

Not Even in My Wildest Dreams


  1. Deanna Holst

    I have had the oppertunity to list to all of the songs on this web site and they are great. Good job Derrick. I also know Derrick from school in Waterloo and from my sister Shawn who introduced my husband and I to the band. We have heard the band play and they are great. I will back Derrick and the band 100%. Great job Derrick keep up the good work. God Bless.

  2. Jeanette Gladney

    My favorite is NOT EVEN MY WILDEST DREAMS.

    Like that one the best. All good. Great job.

  3. maurice wyatt

    Hey Cousin,I listened to all your songs,Great work bud and I have to say I really enjoyed your original tunes,Thats where its at for you.Thanks and keep posting

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