Derrick Patterson

What better way to tell it than let Derrick say it in his own words…

Derrick Patterson, country singer, songwriter, family guy

Derrick Patterson, country singer, songwriter, family guy

I have been singing ever since I can remember. My first time in front of a crowd singing was with my Mom for a school Christmas program when I was in the third grade. Throughout my days in school I sang in chorus, show choirs, quartets, and did various solos. I really didn’t feel I stood out from the crowd unless I was singing country music though!

After I graduated from high school in 1983, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corp.  One of my proudest moments ever was when my Drill Instructor ordered me to sing the Marine Corps Hymn for my platoon before we went to sleep for the night! (No pressure there, LOL.)

After the Marines I took different jobs in Iowa and decided one night while I was at work that I was going to join a band- or start one. I started out with some friends from work and started working on my guitar playing- but my main passion was always singing. We named the band “Smokin’ Guns, and we worked together for about 3 years at local clubs and bars and outdoor town festivals as well.

I went through a pretty hard divorce while in the band and this knocked the wind out of my sails for sometime, but I found a new love of music at church shortly after I married my wife Kellie in ’98. I helped form a praise band at my church and sang for an occasional wedding or birthday as well. About six years ago I was asked by one my old friends from Smokin’ Guns to come back and reform the band and be the front man once again. I also started writing songs again… We have recorded several of my original songs.

I met Bill Niemi while recording one of my own songs at Euphonic Studio. We’ve collaborated on this recording and I can hardly wait to see what the future holds for us!  I give thanks to my family and friends for encouraging me- and I give praise to GOD for all the blessings that he has bestowed upon me. I truly hope you enjoy the music!

Derrick Patterson

My Woman’s Ways

This is the latest single released from Euphonic Studio on January 4, 2015.  It features Derrick Patterson on lead vocals accompanied by The Brush Country Ramblers.  It was written by Bill Niemi.

Lovin’ You Is Easy

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  1. Lori Niemi

    Great job, Derrick~Love it!

    Thank you so much. It took a long time for this tune to come to fruition, but it was worth every minute of the wait~

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