Pony Express

Pony Expess Original Promo shot

Pony Express, version one of many

Pony Express was my band. This statement of ownership means that I owned the business, which had many, many successes and some spectacular failures. By claiming ownership of the band I am also claiming ownership of the failures, even some where there was plenty of blame to go around. In order to get the “dish” on that stuff you will have to read my book tentatively titled “The Rise and Fall of American Business”, which will mostly chronicle my years as an engineer but will take an unblinking look at the bar band business as well.

In the summer of 1979 my musical interests were pretty much completely disconnected from Double Nickels. The band was still doing very well, so it must have come as somewhat of a surprise when I announced that I was leaving to form my own group. I worked out a notice deal that was fair and left the Nickels on July 7, 1979. There were some feelings there on both sides which have been put away and forgotten.

One of the things that drove me to start my own group is that I wanted more of a comradeship feeling, more of a cooperative effort sort of thing. What I quickly learned was that reality bites. We weren’t living in the days of Yasgar’s farm, we were living in the days of hyperinflation, families, other jobs, and competition. This wasn’t the kind of climate that fostered a kum-bah-yah approach to decision-making, which disappointed me greatly and some of my band found out on their own later.

But I don’t want to give it all away. Pony Express could put on a hell of a show with a couple of the many personnel versions we had. We brought 18,000 people to their feet at the Saint Paul 4th of July fireworks show and it wasn’t with the National Anthem. We packed clubs on a regular basis during some periods of time. And even at the band’s very worst moments, nobody (almost) got pissed off and quit.

So, coming shortly, more photos and live music of one of the Twin Cities’ most successful bands, now and then.

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