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Lovingly dedicated to all my friends, past, present, and gone.

I have been sitting around here with a couple of good-sized boxes and maybe one or two huge sacks of various tapes.  For the last 40 years, I mean.   The other day I decided that I was going to make it my goal to get the best of this material digitized and put up online.

I will take some time along the way to get everything mastered properly.  Many of the tapes I have are tapes created when I was doing sound for the band and working as a musician on stage at the same time.  I would attempt to record off the PA on a regular basis and ask members to turn up and down as necessary.

Some bands I worked in have no recordings that I know of.  This is unfortunate, so if you are a member of one of these groups with no recordings represented please dig through your band junk and see what you can find.

I stayed pretty busy after an initial period of starving in poverty while getting my name established in MPLS as a a singing multi-instrumentalist.  I hate to think about how poor poor actually is poor.  I know most all my musician friends have shared the experience.

As you might expect, trying to keep this up for 40 years is not for the faint of heart.  The business itself has changed drastically since when I was a kid and is now pretty much the next thing to impossible to keep yourself solvent.

Here is the list of bands that may have recordings.  These will become page links as I digitize the tapes and get the material on the server.  The bands in parentheses are bands I played in but do not have recordings.  Again, if you are a member of one of those bands, and you have recordings, please come forth!  I would love to have every band I’ve played in represented here if possible.

(The Durangos)

(First Regiment)… maybe….?

(Marfan Syndrome)

(Hudson Bay Fur Company)



(American Tea Co.)

(Dr. Duck)


(Bill Niemi (piano bar))


(Lowell and Audrey Hill Show)

(Los Hombres)

Double Nickels

Pony Express


Twilight Blues Band

Clutch Cargo


(Broxton Band)

(Copper Moon)

As I work my way through the tapes I may find some additional surprises.  I think I may have a very early recording of a band I played in during my sophomore year in high school.  Who knows what else I might find? I will keep digging and digitizing!

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