Angels in the Snow

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Euphonic Masters First Stage Musical

Dr. Doug Larche brought in another first for Euphonic Studio, his 2 act stage musical Angels in the Snow.  This was the first stage musical where I have ever worked with a composer in the creative process and processed, mixed, and mastered a work of that scope.  It was challenging to orchestrate these songs, typically consisting of a 60 piece orchestra or more.

The musical, Angels in the Snow, is a beautifully conceived work with ideas that are contemporary over a background that is timeless.

From the website:

Framed by the American-Mexican Border Fence conflict and the Israeli-Palestinian Wall, Angels in the Snow! tells the
passionate inter-generational story of three couples separated by the Berlin Wall, and the bloody crises they face as they try to
reach each other and survive. East German Communist Leader Erich Honecker, soldiers, fierce dogs, infidelity, torture, eco-
terrorism, and The Wall stand between them for 28 years. Angels is romance, unrequited love, desperation, death and ultimate
triumph and reunion; but it is also laced with sweetness, joy, laughter, nostalgia and hope. Woven upon a tapestry of non-
violence, environmentalism and the search for peace, Angels also offers grace notes to the Holiday season.

We are at the cusp of a new day in America. Especially in these times, when walls and bans are physical reflections of
fear and deep prejudice and hatred, we are desperately searching for something that speaks to our own lives, experiences
and historical contexts – something that actually happened during our own lives; something that is real, not just built of
fantasy and special effects; something that resonates with power and truth and that helps us believe in right, good, decency,
family and in ourselves; something that reassures us that we can still feel, hurt, love, cry and save the world – and that
reminds of times like the holidays and the heroes we all can be; something that restores our faith that there are angels
among us, of us – those who have gone before, but also the angels we all can be.

At the heart of every great film is a great and enduring story that shares something important about the human condition
and that is about people we can really care about. A great movie musical has all of that, but is enhanced by a soaring score
and songs that stay with you forever.

Angels in the Snow! aspires to be that film, told through the lens of a brutal, angry Wall, and the non-violent but powerful
ways that people finally tore it down.