Euphonic Studio update

Euphonic Studio

Euphonic Studio is a great place to relax and allow your creativity to shine

New projects

The Amen Choir  are back at Euphonic Studio for their second CD project.  The new CD includes 7 songs.  It comes on the heels of the 12 song Long Story CD.  We hope to have the tracking done in November.

Joe Baumhover’s EP project has morphed into a CD.  He’s recorded 11 songs here yet no two are remotely alike.  “Oh Babylon” will be released as a video and single.  Joe’s work is deep, however, it’s approachable.

We have made several updates to both software and hardware to make Euphonic Studio recordings even better!  Check out the gear page to the right.

I continue to work on my favorite classical pieces.  These include some  very ambitious projects, including videos of all 15 Bach 2 Part Inventions, Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise, and several orchestral works.  We now have IK Multimedia’s Miroslav Philharmonic orchestral plugin which delivers very cool results.  While we have many multi-instrumental plugins, Miroslav stands out for it’s great sounds and features.  In fact, every plugin that I’ve bought from IK Multimedia, from Amplitude to Samplitude has been well-engineered.

No matter how busy we get, and no matter what kind of project you have, we will find a place for you in the schedule and give you the best value for your recording studio dollars!