I am just going to give you a quick update on our recording activities and then I have to get back to actually doing them.

Sudanese singer/songwriter/arranger Yousif Elmosley and Euphonic's Bill Niemi

Sudanese singer/songwriter/arranger Yousif Elmosley and Euphonic’s Bill Niemi after the July 5 session for the song “Kida La”. See Yousif’s page to hear the recording.

We have been running very hard here, with lots of new work, commitments for new projects, and keeping on with our ongoing projects.

The Amen Choir scratch tracks are finished and they will be coming back in to start finalizing tracking on their 12 song project.

We finished the Smokin’ Guns demo CD, which included their song “She’s Off the Scale” that got some airplay on KISS 96.5 in June.  The band is planning to do a full length CD here, working on one or two songs as they are written and perfected.   It’s fun to have some country in the studio, and I enjoyed playing a few tracks on their original song.

I sent Mirror Coat mixes of their 6 song demo for approval and I’m waiting for mix notes.  We’re almost done with that.   Mirror Coat is planning to move to Chicago and try to get noticed.  I think they should.  They’re a great indie prog rock band.

I also have verbal commitments to record from a Waterloo band and a woman from Marion who wants to do a vocal demo.  We will be giving a studio tour to a 12 member gospel choir from Des Moines in the near future… this group originally hails from Tanzania.   Yousif Elmosley has plans to return for two videos, one of his daughter playing a violin piece, and one of him singing his pop song.

So there you have it.  From power indie rock to world music to country,  to the Sudan to Burundi to Tanzania to Iowa, our clientele keeps growing and our repertoire keeps widening.

We are thankful for all of our recording clients.  We’d like you to be one of them… if you’re looking for a great place to record with a minimum of drama and very reasonable rates, please consider Euphonic Studio for your next project.  Call Bill at 319.895.8002 to arrange for a studio tour and get acquainted.