Hi, everyone,

here’s a quick update.  We had a very interesting spoken word recording of an interview with Dr. Kenneth Rempher, who was interviewed via phone regarding his expertise in health care systems policy.  I TRULY enjoyed that one!

As much as I enjoyed that session, I have to say that the live recording and video shoot of Cathy Risse, Lisbon piano teacher, was an extraordinary opportunity.  She delivered virtuoso performances of 3 master works.  Because the concert went over an hour, we ran out of videotape and she came into the studio to record the last movement of the Ravel sonata.  I have been busy editing video (I used 3 cameras for the shoot) even while we take a last minute stand against the Mount Vernon City Council on this road project.

Our teaching studio is full, now, so that’s keeping us busy.

I have been recovering from knee surgery but I can still book dates.  We have upcoming dates from Mike Berg and a strong chance to record a 20 piece African group that does Christian music in the style of east Africa.

I hope to get recordings by a couple of previous music sessions up on the website soon.  With everything else going on, and the surgery, sleep seems to be turning into an option.