At this time of the year we always tend to look back over the prior year and take stock of our journey through life.  Euphonic Studio is a very big part of my life and I am grateful and humbled by the talented and wonderful people who have entrusted me to teach them how to play their instrument or to record their music.  I am well aware that there are other choices for these services;  your loyalty drives me to work on continuous improvement to earn your repeat business.

Welcome to Euphonic Studio!

Welcome to Euphonic Studio! This is where we turn your talent into great recordings.

So first off, thanks to my students and their families.  I love teaching you and I look forward to my teaching days as new opportunities to help you with breakthroughs on your instrument and your understanding and appreciation of music.  My relationship with my students is interesting; lessons take a lot out of me physically but I get energy back on some other level.  It’s a mystery but I love it!

2012 was a very busy year in the studio.  We put out a 14 song CD of music created by David R. Weiss of Minneapolis and performed by Sara and Jim Klosterboer.  It’s a lovely work called “To the Tune of a Welcoming God”,  the same title as the book it accompanies.  This project preoccupied me for much of the summer into the fall when mastering was completed.

The year started out with another CD project of 11 songs, but unfortunately the band lost its guitarist and broke up before the project could be completed.

Besides the two CD projects, we had a number of other artists and clients through the recording studio this year for one or more sessions.  Not mentioning these in any particular order, but here are most of them (if I forget anybody I’ll come back and fix it):  Lisa Tracy, Dick Hakes, Angie Cannon,  Derrick Patterson, former bandmate Steve Pawlenty via email, Doralyn Bigelow,   Mike Michalski,  Brianna Schwenk and Lyndsey Reis for the Catherine McCauley Center, Sean Moore, the Underground Affair band  and of course my own projects.  I hope I haven’t missed anyone.

Other recordings here included two spoken word recordings, one by author Dr. Molli Marti, the other by Reiki massage practitioner Shari Stevens of Iowa city.

In the equipment/software department, we made a couple of quantum leaps this year.  I purchased an Otari half track tape machine and now master to analog tape.  This is an order of magnitude better than mastering to digital.  The process is a bit arcane but prospective clients are welcome to come over for a demonstration if this interests you.

The other addition is a set of Alesis DM5 Pro drum pads with some extra cymbals.  The kit can be played into either an Alesis DM5 head or a Yamaha RM50 head, and I am in the process of integrating this set into being able to play samples on the recording computer in real time through an Alesis Trigger IO module.  Stay tuned, I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

The most notable software addition was the purchase of Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 2.0, which I hope to be playing in real time with the pads shortly.  This is an amazing drum tool, and a wonderful addition to the studio.

Hot projects on the list right now are finishing up the cast recordings for “Tick Tick Boom” which we hope to do in January.

Thank you all for a wonderful growth year for Euphonic Studio.  Your business is appreciated and we love all of you!