It has indeed been busy around here since the last time I had a moment to update the website.  I haven’t lost track of the list of web projects I have on my plate, it’s just been so busy here with recording projects that I haven’t had time to do so.

Tick Tick Boom Dress Rehearsal

This is a shot of the dress rehearsal for “Tick Tick Boom”. Euphonic Studio is providing the recorded backing tracks for a thespian festival performance in November.

So let’s start by updating you with what’s been happening.  I have been continuing to work on recording the book for “Tick Tick Boom”.  This was the student-directed fall musical at Mount Vernon High School; I played bass in the pit band.  The cast is performing a portion of the show in the second week of November at a thespian festival.  I don’t have the specifics of where it is but I think it might be Des Moines.

David R. Weiss has accepted the master of the work “Tune of a Welcoming God” that was recorded here by Sara and Jim Klosterboer.  They did a beautiful job and I have permission to use some of the songs on this website so I will put them up as soon as I get a few minutes to create a page.

Derrick Patterson

Derrick Patterson has now recorded two original songs here and we look forward to more of his work!

Lisa Tracy has been here twice since the last update. I am very far behind in getting her songs onto her page here.  She has two new ones now, as well as a whole ‘nuther group of songs that haven’t been put up yet.

Derrick Patterson returned to Euphonic yesterday and recorded his second original tune called “Not in my Wildest Dreams.”  Derrick brought his wife Kelly to the studio as a surprise to her and she provided him inspiration to sing, asking her to sit where he could see her.  Sweet.

Derrick and Lisa all share something in common.  They all told me that this was the best studio they had ever recorded in, citing the relaxed atmosphere as their favorite thing about recording here.  They also have noted the excellence in equipment and final product quality. Coming from talent of their caliber, this is a very high compliment and I hope you will give us a try if you are getting ready to record yourself.

Speaking of equipment, upgrades never seem to cease here.  The first one I’m going to list is getting into the esoteric side of things.  As you know, Euphonic has striven to make this studio the best combination of analog and digital equipment that we

Dolby SR/A

Our “new” 1986 Dolby Spectral Recording noise reduction unit for our mastering deck.

can afford (meaning that YOU can afford, too).  In July I bought a late 1970s Otari mastering deck to use for our mix target.  This deck has been a wonderful addition.  However, I have detected a barely-noticeable tape hiss with the deck when mixing with program of very low level, such as you might get when you let the last chord of a piano or guitar fade out at the end of a song.  So, after researching this problem I reached the conclusion that I needed to add a Dolby processor to the deck.  Dolby is everywhere these days, but in the day that this tape recorder was built, it was brand new.  The Dolby system I bought is a 363, equipped with two Cat 300 cards, built in 1986.  I have it hooked up and am waiting to test it; I haven’t received the manual as yet so I don’t know how to calibrate it properly.  Stay tuned.

DM5 Pro drum kit

This is our Alesis DM5 Pro drum kit that will be available for drummers recording here. I plan to use it a lot, even though I will always miss my Premier drums that I had in my Minneapolis studio.

The other equipment acquisition is an Alesis DM5 Pro drum kit.  This is really a controller that will work with my DM5 rack unit to create a complete electronic drum set.  In my Minneapolis studio I had a beautiful set of Premier drums which I dearly loved.  I am looking forward to getting my drum chops back and also having this as a valuable tool for my own recordings.  I will also make the kit available to bands if their drummers use control rather than brute force to play their instrument.

So that’s it for now.  Look for new pages for David R. Weiss  and Derrick Patterson  and please check out their music.  You will enjoy it, and the recordings reflect the artisan quality of their performances and our studio craftsmanship.  Also, Lisa Tracy’s  music will be updated.  Promise!

I would be remiss if I forgot to mention… Lisa Tracy has her own Facebook Page and Lisa and Mike send out “The song of the week”.  Lisa’s music is inspirational and uplifting, and all you have to do to get on their mailing list to receive the song of the week is ask to be included.

I forgot to mention that the recording session for the Catherine McCauley Center got re-scheduled for November 1.  Brianna and Lyndsey will be here to play the Mason & Hamlin and sing, respectively.  The Catherine McCauley Center promotes the well-being and dignity of individuals in need by providing basic education for adults and a transitional housing program for women.