October seems to have rolled in with some cold as I write this.  After this summer I will take it!

Things remain busy here with students on Monday and Wednesday and recording projects going constantly.  I have sent off the pre-master to David R. Weiss and I am currently awaiting his approval.  While I’m waiting, I have taken on a recording project of my own, namely to record the entire book of “Tick Tick Boom” and get the cast in to do the vocals.  The last 5 or so songs will be used as backing tracks for a live performance of the partial show at the Thespian festival in November.  Tick Tick Boom is the Mount Vernon High School student-directed musical that I became a part of in September.  I played bass in the pit orchestra and furnished a bunch of equipment from the studio for their use.  It was a great show, wonderful cast, and it deserves recording.  Of course I will put the music up as the finished products become available.  There is some talk of putting the show on again in January.  That would be fine with me.

Synth Rack Upgrade

These synths are much easier to operate in this inclined rack that sits right next to my keyboard rig. It holds 5 synths, a sampler, 2 MIDI routers, and a 12 channel Roland rack mixer

In other news, we have updated our recording software to Sonar X2, and I am enjoying the new features and workflow of the software as I work on “Tick”.  Sonar offers extremely powerful recording and editing functions and the improved interface and features are another bonus you get when you record here at Euphonic Studio.

As a side project, I was becoming annoyed by having to look under the table whenever I wanted to use one of my many synths and sampler, so I have taken them out of their road cases and installed them in a short angled rack.  This allows me easy access to the mixer and all the synthesizer and sampler controls.  The disk drives for the sampler live in a tray installed at the bottom of the rack.

Lisa Tracy’s hand is back to playing condition and she will be in the studio again Friday, October 12th.  I have a tentative date scheduled for Tuesday that week for the Catherine McCauley Center.