Derek Patterson

Area musician and songwriter Derek Patterson stopped by to record a song for a video in late September, 2012

Area musician Derek Patterson paid a visit to Euphonic Studio on Tuesday, September 18 to record an original song that will be made into a video.  The song, “Girl by the Fire” will be available on Derek’s own page shortly.

Derek says that this project started out as a Facebook conversation and ended up turning into an actual commercial project.  Accompanying Derek were producer Kelly Gravel of Darkest Before Dawn Productions (Lisbon) and Dave Carpenter of DC Photography. Also involved in the project is Jonathan Guerrero of Lucent Media Group, the videographer.

I have been playing along with adding a couple of additional instrumental tracks to go with the guitar and vocal tracks.  Of course I will run these by Derek before I put anything up on the website.

I should add that Derek was great to record with, he came in well-prepared and we got down to business in short order and he left with CDs in his hand.   I had just reassembled my recording rack from the musical “Tick Tick Boom” and a small technical problem popped up during the session which kept me from mixing through the board.  That’s all straightened out now so when the final production video is ready I’ll be happy to provide Kelly with a new mix.