Things have indeed been moving along here in the studio.  We had the week of Labor Day off which has given me time I needed to get caught up on things.  I am nearly done with David R. Weiss’ project, I just need to finish a couple more songs and create a pre-master for his CD.

Another project that has me preoccupied at the moment is that I am playing bass in the pit orchestra for the Fall production at Mount Vernon High School of the musical “Tick Tick Boom”.  This musical was written by Jonathan Larson, the composer of the wildly popular “Rent”.  It is the work that precedes “Rent” that never got famous.  Too bad; the music is great, and as usual the MVHS theater department has cast this with superb cast so the musical numbers are great!  Also playing in the pit orchestra are Damon Cole, keyboards(former Director of the Johnson School of Fine Arts and director of over 30 musicals himself), Rick Schweibert(guitar), of Copper Moon, Large Midgets, and other bands, and Dennis Rodemann on drums.

Those who know me know that bass is not my main instrument, but I liked the bass parts better than the guitar parts so I decided to do bass.  I’m using my ultra-rare Yamaha RBX800AF, a 1986 model fretless that keeps me on my toes for intonation. This particular instrument is so much fun to play that I shouldn’t be getting paid.  Oh wait.. we’re not getting paid.

So that’s the news from Euphonic.  Mixing and bass playing.  And missing our granddaughter, Kate, who is at Luther College.  She will be home next weekend! Hooray!

I will be recording the rehearsals starting Monday and also each show.  These are not for commercial distribution, of course, just for the department’s use.  And one of the tunes might end up on this site, perhaps, maybe…