(With a nod to Saturday Night Live)

Things keep chuggin’ here.  I’ve been spending a lot of time on David R. Weiss’ final mixes, with action interspersed enough so I have to re-collect my thoughts when I get back into it.  We got sidetracked a bit by our granddaughter Kate’s 19th birthday, which motivated me to finish a video she did here plus remix an old song and then throw up a page.  You can see it HERE. She’s in her last teenage years; it’s been wonderful having her live here since Jan 2011, and we’ll miss her as she goes off to Luther College in about 10 days.

Lisa Tracy will be here on Friday to record again, although this week she’s leaving the guitar at home and will play something on our Mason & Hamlin piano.  I know she’ll enjoy the piano, which is one of the many competitive advantages we offer.  This piano is a professional grand and it completely smokes any electronic piano… and having studied and played piano for 55 years I believe I can speak to that.

Lisa’s first instrument was piano and I’ve already seen what she can do on her Clavinova via video so I will make sure she has a well-prepared piano for this session.  I like the sound I got for the Chase Garrett recordings so I’m going to set up the same mics (pair of Rode NT1as in X-Y plus an AT boundary mic underneath).  I will be using a smashingly better preamp, though.  Back then I used a pair of Art TubePACs for preamps going into a DirectPro 24/96 Aardvark.  Today we still have the TubePacs but we also have a Focusrite ISA428 so guess who gets the call?

I just did a minor repair on that Focusrite that all owners of that model need to be aware about because it’s a slight under-design problem that can be repaired at home.  It involves a slight miscalculation on the part of Focusrite on the current from the mains transformer to the power supply.  I took pictures of the repair problem and procedure to fix it and will be putting up a page here as time permits (famous last words).  If you lose your front panel LEDs on a Focusrite ISA428 before I get the page up, drop me an email.

Among other visitors to the studio this week and weekend, we had Sean Moore, and going forward we have composer Mary Smith and composer/guitarist Nate Finkley tomorrow, Lisa and violin student Herman Noronha Friday.  I plan to work the nursing home circuit playing violin and/or banjo.  Also, via email, we had an emergency project request from Angie Cannon which has been delivered and works well.

So who’s coming over Saturday?

UPDATE:  Since the Focusrite ISA428 has become such an integral part of our sound, I decided to buy another one for backup.  I couldn’t have that piece go down right before or during a recording session.  We could limp by, but not at the high level that I have set for our quality.