Otari Mastering Deck Mounted

This post will be meaningless to most people, but I’m putting it up because I believe I deserve some props for actually finishing this project.  I was highly motivated to do so because I love this Otari half track mastering deck.  It has been an amazingly valuable piece of equipment to add to the already stunning studio we have.

Otari on its stand

The mastering deck now has a safe place to live. It practically killed me getting this done but I think it will be worth it. It will be a lot easier to maintain the heads because it can be tipped up to expose them.

Since the deck is heavy, and I wasn’t sure of the construction material of the machine frame, I decided to put some steel flat in behind the machine frame to distribute the load more evenly.  This was not as easy as it sounds, as I had to try to determine what size screws to use.  Sheer strength is the primary thing I was looking for, and somebody may need to correct this but I found a site that said that sheer strength is roughly 60% of tensile strength, which left me with roughly 3600 pounds per screw (each side got four 10-24 screws).  Sounds like overkill, right? 

All those had to be tapped.  The bolts that go out to the aluminum angle had to have holes tapped for them, too.  Four 1/4″-20 bolts on each side.

Now I have never liked working with metal since 7th grade shop class.  My hands are too tired to be tapping these holes, especially when I had to redo several of them due to inadequate equipment (should have had a drilling jig, I think).  I think I worked about 9 hours total on this project, which a good machinist could have probably knocked of in about 3 hours or less.  It has killed my back, hands, shoulders, and so on, but who else can I get to do this stuff?  So each time I worked on it I had a horrible FMS reaction that evening and the next day.  But I plowed on.

Here it is.  I didn’t bleed much, but I did a little.  I personally think it’s worth it.

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  1. Thanks, Kenny… you are one of a small group of folks who would “get” this somewhat arcane post.


    I have just been working with a tape of PE at Owatonna on a slow night. I’m going to cut it up a bit because of excessive patter but the “danger country” version of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” is hilarious! I’m looking for a tape I know I have of the band really keyed in and playing great. I think it might have been at Pulaski’s but I’m not sure. I’ll find it, though, it’s like everything else around here, it’s somewhere.


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