And here at Euphonic we work DURING the weekend, too.

I am reviewing mix notes from David R. Weiss, whose 16 track project “Tune of a Welcoming God” is nearly ready for mastering.

I have been working today on building a set of rack ears for the Otari half track deck and I ran into a minor problem so I’ve stopped for the day. I have the studio set up for recording Lisa Tracy tomorrow at noon, which is always a great time. After that, I have another rehearsal for the gig that I’m playing Saturday.

In my “spare” time, Sean Moore has written some lyrics for a song that Nate Finkley wrote and Nate and Sean would like to come over and do an overdub of the vocals. That’s not a bad idea, maybe it would get me going on doing the drums and bass. This is heavy, heavy metal… great stuff.

Just when I was cooling off a bit, Mary Niemeyer Smith called me for an appointment about her website. She’ll be coming over next Friday, so I already have something to look forward to NEXT weekend! Yay!

One good thing… the summer teaching session is over next week and we won’t have students until August 27. I love my students, don’t get me wrong, but my To Do list is getting Too Long.