EDIT… I re-read the title of this post and laughed out loud. Of course everything in 1979 was mixed to tape, then to DAT, then to disk, and now we’re back to tape again. Just a heck of a lot better tape equipment. 🙂 So let’s add to the title “In a Really Long Time”. That will fix it.

I don’t usually post individual songs unless there’s something special about them.  Please give this a listen:

Live Each Day In The Lord


This song is special because it’s the latest recording from Lisa Tracy, who just writes and performs special songs, and it’s also the first song mixed to the “new” Otari half track deck that’s more than a quarter of a century old.  So this is truly a hybrid recording; it starts out analog, gets converted to digital, then during mixdown it gets

Euphonic Studio Mixdown Setup

This is the current Euphonic Studio mixdown setup. I am still evaluating this particular Otari; if I acquire it, it needs to be on a stand, not a chair, to facilitate regular maintenance (head and tape path cleaning).

converted back to analog and mixed through an analog mixer (that’s oversimplifying a bit) and then recorded on good old-fashioned tape.

After the tape is recorded, it needs to be re-digitized so you can put it on your .mp3 players.  So, the tape gets played into the best preamps I have (Focusrite 428) and back in through the best converters I have (RME Fireface UFX) and back to a single stereo track in Sonar X1.  From there I do as little as possible to it, maybe add some compression (I have a really cool compressor that has settings from dBFS+3 to K-20C.  I used K-12 for this one.

OK, that about wraps up the tekkie stuff.  I am working on pages for each category of gear I use in the studio with my opinions on how well each piece works.