Today, Thursday the 7th of June, is the last day of our teaching year at Euphonic Studio.

We would like to thank our students, their parents (where applicable), and everyone else in their lives who assisted them to show up at their lessons prepared and ready to go.

Taking private music lessons is a privilege that many people cannot afford or cannot fit into their schedule.  I take my role as a teacher very seriously and put as much energy as I can muster into each lesson.  I know I have students who will not become music professionals, but a music education can give you pleasure for your entire lifetime.  It helps you to connect with other people with a universal language that we all understand.

Euphonic’s next year will start either the last week in August or the first week in September.  There will be some changes in pricing and policies next year, so everyone should be aware of this as we go into the new year.

Summer Session

I still have a few places open in our summer session, which starts on July 9th and runs for 5 weeks.  The open spots are on all 3 days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so if you are looking for some fun this summer, call us at 319.895.8002 for more information.