Things are going to be going full tilt here for the summer.  Between planned equipment upgrades, my own recording projects, and new and ongoing recording projects things are looking fun-packed!

On June 12th Sara and Jim Klosterboer will be back for another session, following closely behind a Lisa Tracy session on the 8th.  We are done with teaching until summer session (starting July 9th).  During the last week of makeup lessons I began an overhaul of our Euphonic network.  I have migrated from an ancient Win2k server to a Linux server.  It’s not completely functional yet, but I plan to move it to one of our outbuildings that I have pulled Cat 5 to in order to have a separate place to back up critical studio data.

Lincoln Highway, a Mount Vernon band, is going to be touring the studio next week to talk about recording their demo here.  We like it when our neighbors record here; it’s nice to have local business.  This is to record a song that she wrote; I always like to support songwriters and others who are creative, so I can hardly wait to see what she has written.

Speaking of songwriting, I have had a couple of meetings with Nate Finkley in the last couple of weeks.  Nate contacted me about a year ago to get some information about guitar lessons and recording.  Then in May he told me that he had written some material and wanted to get it finished.  As it happens, his arrangements for the 3 songs are nicely recorded and well played.  Last Friday he brought his laptop over and we were able to export all of his tracks as individual .wav files and import them into my Sonar X1 DAW.  I have hooked him up with Sean Moore from Rattlebox 2.0 to assist with lyrics and melody; I will be working on drums and bass and perhaps may get involved in the lyrics as well.  There are a few things I’d like to get off of my chest.

I have mapped out an aggressive schedule for my own projects, which will include 2 of Brahm’s Rhapsodies, the G minor and Eb.  I will also be recording 3 violin pieces, Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise, Fritz Kreisler’s Praeludium and Allegro, and another TBD, possibly Beethovan’s Spring Sonata.  I also plan to record 2 jazz standards and maybe a bluegrass piece.   All of this is contingent on how well I can plan my time and how well I feel.  Those two things are related, of course.  I have quite a bit on my plate to record that much work so I’ll see if I can get my endurance back.  30 years ago I was practicing 4 hours a day and playing 4 hours every night.  Hah!  Dream on…

Addendum:  I have not forgotten that U of I graduate student, former Euphonic student, and Mt. Vernon resident Scott Myer will be in sometime this summer to record some Schubert art songs.  Keep the classical music coming!  We love to record EVERYTHING here, but with a concert grand right in the studio it makes sense to do lots of classical music!