Not much to say.  Just a wonderful session and great artist with a great song.  And it seemed like exactly perfect for me to hear at the moment.



Thank you, Lisa.

Update 4/6/12

Lisa will be in the studio today and hopefully this weekend I will get her page updated with the many songs she has recorded since the last time I updated her page.  I still have a ton of other work pending from Steve Pawlenty and Doralyn Bigelow.  And of course the video that Kaitlin and I made about how easy and inexpensive it is to make your own music video here at Euphonic Studio.

Coming up… another spoken word project.  Author and life strategy planner Dr. Mollie Marti just published her 3rd book, Walking With Justice, and she will be recording an audio book here starting possibly sometime later this month.  I am looking forward to meeting her and also hearing the book.  It feels like somewhat of an honor to have the author of a book read it to you.