Two weekend recording sessions have yielded extraordinary results for our artist Lisa Tracy.  Yes, I do the techie stuff and sometimes some playing but mostly they play the tracks.  And what tracks they played!

Lisa Tracy warming up for recording at Euphonic Studio

Lisa Tracy warms up for recording at Euphonic Studio (photo credit to Mike Tracy)

On Friday, Lisa Tracy came in for a couple of hours to do a beautiful recording of her song “Laying Claim to My Deliverance”.  She did the song in two takes; one for the guitar and one for the voice.  In the past we have recorded both the guitar & voice at the same time as our general procedure but lately we have been tracking the voice separately which gives me much better control over the end result.

One thing I have been doing that is somewhat controversial is recording her guitar in stereo instead of mono.  There are differing opinions about this in the engineering world but in my opinion if you are simply tracking a vocal and guitar, and you have a controlled environment, you ought to at least try recording in stereo.  I use a pair of Octava MK-012-01 in an X-Y configuration at approximately the 14th fret and slightly above the fretboard line.  I find that combination with my Focusrite Prepack ISA 428 yields outstanding results.  The stereo image of the guitar provides more interest, in my opinion, and creates the illusion that you are very near the performer, which is what Lisa wants with these recordings.

Mike Upah in Euphonic Studio

Mike Upah in Euphonic Studio with his Pork Pie handmade drums


Euphonic Studio has been blessed or lucky or something.  We have had the nicest folks through here, fine musicians who have a clear vision of what they want and the chops and tenacity to get it done.  It would be great if we could repeat this last weekend with Lisa Tracy