Even though the weather is turning colder, things are turning hotter than a $2 dollar pistol in an all-night gunfight! (Pardon me, just had to use a simile today.)

Lisa Tracy will be here Friday the 17th to record another song. I still have not found exactly what I’m looking for to put on the additional tracks from her last recording session. We will try to get that straightened out.

In new business, Mary Smith (friend of my former colleague Doralyn Bigelow who moved to other parts) is organizing a run at finishing her CD project and after sorting out some entanglements with her publisher she will get underway here with her project. One thing she needs to do to finish her project is have her M-Audio controller keyboard (pre-Oxygen) hooked back up and get Forte re-installed on her computer. She plans to offer her songs for sale with scores. Mary writes and performs sacred music with an interesting twist; she has written narrations to tie her songs together. She has started this project in 2 different studios; it will finish in Euphonic Studio.

Steve Pawlenty surprised me yesterday by sending me a batch of tracks he sang for the song “My Redeemer Lives”. It’s a great song, and Steve did 4 backing vocal tracks with himself as lead singer. It’s a great arrangement, and I’ll be mixing that for him as time permits. Hopefully soon. I brought all the tracks into a project, anyway, so we’re almost there!

I decided to take down the two advocacy posts that I had up. I assume that the issues I was posting about will affect everyone greatly, but it’s out of my hands so I’m letting it go. Welcome to the 21st century.