Euphonic Studio Busy As Can Be

Things are nearing the hectic stage in Euphonic recording studio. Photo credit goes to arseni at

Euphonic Studio is getting REAL busy again. It seems like it’s time to try that cloning experiment again to see if two of me can handle this.


Lisa Tracy got snowed out last Friday 20th and may be coming over this Friday if it fits her schedule. Her next song will include an overdubbed guitar solo, which is something we haven’t yet done but I am looking forward to hearing it. She is truly an artist and I love her work.

My granddaughter Kate helped me shoot a video which will show how easy and laid back it is to record a “karaoke” type song here if you bring in your own backing tracks. She chose to sing an Adele song which tests the bottom of her range, but that’s great because it will give me an opportunity to demonstrate Melodyne. This is an ongoing secondary project for the studio advertising/promotion effort. Since it’s my project it takes the back seat to my customer’s projects.

I need to also mention that Steve Pawlenty and I are working up a standards CD via email. Steve and I used to be bandmates in the Firehouse Band (see samples on their page link to the right) and so far we have one song mostly done… I am working on a page for Steve and also the Twilight Blues Band and will have these done soon. Or perhaps my clone can finish them for me…?